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We want to make your mortgage process easy and convenient for you. To help you, Mortgage Centers has created these articles to provide you with some great information. Here you’ll find information on the home buying process. Learn about down payment requirements, funds you’ll need for closing, and what types of documentation you will need when submitting your application. Check out our budgeting tools to see how your proposed mortgage payment will affect your monthly expenses. Have additional questions? Call 417-485-6007 and speak with one of our mortgage loan experts today.

Financing Your Home

  • Are You Ready to Buy a Home?: Discover all the information you need to prepare yourself for the home buying process.
  • Every Penny Counts: Before you start looking at in-ground swimming pools, gourmet kitchens, and large back yards, you should first determine how much money you will need to purchase your new home.
  • Your Credit History Counts: Your credit score is a great indicator of how you use credit. Learn how your credit score is calculated and what may have an impact on your score.
  • Using a Gift to Finance Your Home: Are you receiving help with your down payment? Find out more about financial gifts.
  • The Importance of a Property Inspection: Property inspections will alert you of any repairs that will need to be made to your new property, and potentially help you negotiate a better home price.
  • Understanding Home Appraisals: An appraiser will provide an unbiased opinion on the value of your new home.

Our Process

  • What Happens Next?: You are ready to apply, or maybe you already have applied. Learn what steps will happen next.

Budgeting Tools:

Product Information

  • Manufactured Homes: Learn all you need to know about financing your manufactured home with Mortgage Centers.

Your Home Loan Toolkit 

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